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Tread Sheffield

When I started with Jostens in 1980, I had no idea where this would go or how it would end up. Looking back 37 years later, it has been a tremendous ride that continues today. In the beginning things were different. For designing pages we used paper, rubber cement, and grease pencils to crop hard pictures and a copy sheet to type out headlines and captions. As representatives, we relied on printed maps to locate schools. Places like Frisco, Lewisville, Denton, Keller and Saginaw were all small, one high school towns.

Today, everything is fast paced and growing. Jostens is committed to growing in technology and support to meet this demand.

We have a rich history of leading the industry as the first company to have desktop publishing, to the first online creation platform, to now the revolutionary Monarch by Jostens. Monarch is the world’s first and only program to house Adobe InDesign and Photoshop in a web based platform where students only need an internet connection to work on their pages for the yearbook and newspaper. It is simply amazing how far we have come in a relatively short amount of time.

While all these tools are magnificent, they are no substitute for the most important aspects of our foundation that have led us to be the largest independent organization within Jostens, world wide. Customer service is, and always will be, our primary focus. Our early desire to do whatever it takes to publish and deliver the best yearbook imaginable is what has led us here and it is what will take us to the next generation of yearbooks. And so, the journey continues.

I would ask if you are not already working with Jostens that you would consider using us as your trusted partner.

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